Online Event Management Software

Interviewer: What are the key elements of running a successful event?

DL: It’s all about planning – working out:

- What are people going to do when they come to the event?

- What are they going to get out of the event?

- What type of people do you want to come to that event in the first place?

- Who are you going to invite?

- Are people just going to book online?

- Are they going to book via the telephone?

- How are they going to communicate?

- How will you make sure that you get the right people in place?

So it is all about planning; planning is crucial.

It’s also about looking at how are you going to follow those customer up later on – how are you going to follow up the non-attendees etc. So having a clear, concise plan about the pre-event, running the event and post event follow up is all part of running a successful event

Interviewer: What are the benefits of implementing an integrated solution for both the event and also the delegate management?

DL: It’s about putting the customer in control of what’s going on but at the same time controlling what they do. Putting an online system is all well and good, but it has got to interface with back office systems. The whole customer experience is the complete package. It is about people being able to book online or being able to book over the telephone, it’s having their details recorded so you can follow them up – so you can find out what their dietary requirements are closer to the event. It’s about making sure people attend, if they don’t attend it’s about finding out why they didn’t attend. It’s about finding out what they thought about the event on the day, and perhaps finding out about what they thought of the impact of that event in six months time.